St. Pete photography studio makes fantasies come true

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A photographer in St. Petersburg, Florida is helping people step out of their comfort zones and into their own fantasies.

The owner of Wild Artistry Photography, Hannah Davis says 95% of her clients have never before done anything like what she does.

Davis works with a children, brides, couples, and everyone in between to make their imaginations a reality. 

The photo shoots often begin with a walk through her prop studio to find the perfect combination of clothes and accessories. The items are often fantastical, dreamlike, and even come from faraway places such as Bali or Africa.

"There are tons of possibilities with what we can do with Photoshop and with makeup and hair," Davis said.

Wild Artistry's productions are always a group effort. Davis said her team is the perfect combination of artistry and talent. In fact, it was Davis' partner, Jasmine Rodriguez who helped her recapture her creative talents after she  stepped away from photography for short time.

"It all ranges from kind of wild to very wild," Rodriguez described.

While Davis credits Rodriguez with much of the creative aspects of their shoots, she is also responsible for the client's makeup.

"I'm always looking for different ways to make the looks as unique as possible," she said.  

Little Mia Bryant wanted nothing more than to show her inner Goddess and Davis gave her that memorable experience. But no Goddess is complete without the right hair style and that's where stylist Kristina Sakelaris comes in.

"If you're coming to Wild Artistry, you're here to step out of the box," Sakelaris said.

The last step in the shoot is to have the right location. Davis can often be found doing shoots in her own backyard, in front of what she calls the magical tree. This tree looks like any other tree, nothing is uniquely special about it. But once Davis starts to edit the photos the tree turns into something totally different and suddenly her clients look as though they were living out their fantasy.

Wild Artistry Photography can be found in various locations throughout the area. They often set up dates where the public can schedule a shoot with live horses, mini ponies and various other props at a fraction of what it would cost for a private shoot.

For dates and events or to book a sitting visit Wild Artistry Photography on Facebook