St. Pete Ronald McDonald House comforts families in stressful times

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The Jenkins family is enjoying some quality time playing a game together. But right now, they aren't in the comfort of their own home.

They are here from Tennessee, staying at the Ronald McDonald house in St. Petersburg, while their infant son gets treated at a nearby hospital for a medical issue.

"We're hoping it gets better soon. That's what we're hoping," said the child's father, Jacob Jenkins.

They're here for an extended stay.

So, to pass the time and relieve stress, they are having some fun using the facility's new play touch table.

"I love some of the games where they're getting excited, they're working together. Sometimes we see two kids from different families sitting down and working together so I think it's just a lot of fun it's a great way to get their mind off of what's going on," said  Lisa Suprenand of the Ronald McDonald House.

The goal is to provide a positive emotional experience that brings families in crisis together.

"You know families don't pull out the monopoly game as much as they used to and this is an opportunity for them to interact to put down their individual devices and be there during this time of great stress in their environment", said Suprenand.

Games that are helping families cope and bond.

"It's a good way to just relax and forget about all the bad stuff for a while," said Jenkins.