St. Pete taking control of run-down properties for developers to build affordable homes

St. Petersburg officials are trying to get creative when it comes to solving the city’s affordable housing problem. The city is taking control of run-down properties and selling them to developers who will provide housing that people can afford.   

James Corbett with the City of St. Pete, said the idea is to get rid of a blight on the community – and solve a problem.  

"We can bid on the properties…and then sell it at a reduced rate to a developer who can turn it into a single family home and then rent it at an affordable rate," Corbett said.  

So far, the city has done this to around 50 dilapidated lots. St. Pete City Council recently voted to allow secondary units to be built on properties.   

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The new changes allow homeowners to build out a portion of their existing house or add a detached unit up to 800 square feet.  

The hope is more secondary units will relieve demand pressure on the market.