St. Petersburg fundraiser helps struggling artists, highlights fashionable face-coverings

Anne Barlett is making a very special delivery to Zazoo'd gift shop in St. Petersburg. She's one of the Bay Area artists participating in the “Mask-R-Aid” fundraiser.  

"We feel like it is important to support our art community," Barlett said. 

The goal of the event is to show the importance of wearing a mask and to raise money for the St. Petersburg Arts Alliance. The money will go to help struggling artists. 

"I am overjoyed that people took the time away from whatever they were doing to address a need in the artist community," Barlett explained. 

The contest is the brainchild of Andre Kupfermunz. "I was really totally flabbergasted to see such magnificent creations," he said. 

There's a Santa mask, Gasparilla mask, and even a creative wedding face covering. 

"That mask is not only for protection it also to you know wear a glamorous piece on your face," said fashion designer Zhanna Kens. 

For Barlett, owner of South Tampa Trading Company, It's also an opportunity for her staff to show her their creative skills. 

"My ladies were so excited to find out that they were chosen to be a part of this process and they got right to work with all these wild ideas and as you can see our is pretty elaborate." 

Local artists coming together to help one another during the pandemic. The mask will be on display at Zazoo'd gift shop until August 14. The auction will take place on August 15.

LINK: Click here to learn more or visit the event's Facebook page