Star witness in Riverview music video murder trial taken to jail after outburst in court

The key prosecution witness in a murder trial for a man accused of killing a woman at a music video shoot in Riverview was getting the judge's attention for the wrong reasons. 

Jordan Silver, the murder defendant, was in his first day at trial after rejecting a deal from prosecutors that included a 40-year prison sentence. Detectives said in July 2020 that Silver showed up to the filming of a rap video off Clement Pride Boulevard and shot a woman holding the camera to death. 

It was Erik Bronkowski's first music video. His girlfriend, Haley Cox, was holding the camera when they said Silver pulled out the gun and shot her "unprovoked." Prosecutors also said Silver went after Bronkowski and shot him twice in the chest and leg, but he survived his injuries. 

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Now, Bronkowski, the state's star witness in Silver's trial, started cursing at prosecutors in open court Monday. Tampa Judge Samantha Ward had Bronkowski held in contempt of court and taken into custody. 

Bronkowski was handcuffed and hauled away to jail. There's a chance he will have to apologize to the court for misbehaving before being allowed to testify. 

Opening statements get underway Tuesday. Silver has been charged with first-degree murder and attempted first-degree murder.