State files motion to delay resentencing in Carlie Brucia murder case

Joseph Smith was convicted in 2006 of kidnapping, raping and killing young Carlie Brucia. He was sentenced to death, but following a change in Florida law, a judge ruled that his seat on death row be re-visited.

On Thursday, attorneys on both sides will ask the judge for more time to prepare for a new sentencing trial. 

In 2004 Carlie Brucia, just 11 years old, was headed back home from a sleepover. A surveillance camera at a car wash captured Joseph Smith approaching Brucia, grabbing her arm and leading her away -- it was the last time anyone saw her alive. Brucia's body was found days later in a wooded area near a church -- suffocated and sexually assaulted.

A jury convicted Smith and sentenced him to death on a 10-2 vote, but because of a recent Supreme Court ruling, death sentences now require a unanimous vote.

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Smith's resentencing trial is currently set for October, but prosecutors and his defense will stand before a judge and ask for a delay. They said they want to see how another case plays out in a different court of appeals for precedent.

It's unclear if Smith will appear with his attorneys at Thursday's hearing, which is set to get underway at 1:15 p.m.