Step back in time at ZooTampa’s Dino's Alive exhibit

Now that you can escape the quarantined isolation from the past three months, every experience can seem new again, even if it's 65 million years old.

ZooTampa’ sDinos Alive exhibit is an invitation to time travel right here in Tampa.

"You'll come in and we'll take you back in time," explained Alex Crow, ZooTampa’s director of entertainment productions.

The exhibit is open until August 9 and takes visitors on a tour through a local Jurassic Park, except these dinosaurs won't eat you. 

"It's about an 8 -10-minute walking experience," said Crow. "Any dinosaur that people like, they're going to get their fix in here."

ZooTampa has sprinkled some learning into the fun in this time travel world according to Crow. "There are fact sheets throughout the entire experience," he said.

"We've linked throughout the park, animals that are closely related to the dinosaurs," he said. "This animal that is still living is more closely related to a T-Rex or a Stegosaurus."

The experience is expected to leave the guests more interested in the past and the future of all animals.

"We want to educate guests." related Crow.

Click here to learn more. Reservations are strongly recommended.