Storm washes catfish into Tampa yards

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A west Tampa man got a real surprise with our heavy noontime rainstorm -- he ended up with fish swimming in his yard.

Ron Roussey was sitting on his front porch at his home on West Cass Street, watching the heavy rain cause street flooding. More than a foot covered an intersection near his house.

As the heavy rains came to an end, he noticed something moving around in his yard. He went out to investigate and found a bunch of fish swimming around.

"I happened to look out here and I seen something swimming in the driveway," he told FOX 13. "So I ran out and looked and I saw a catfish and I went and called my wife and I said, 'You ain't gonna believe this!'"

Ron doesn't live by a pond or lake and he has no idea where the fish came from. He's never seen them in the area before; he assumes they were washed up with all the street flooding.

Aside from the ones he put in a bucket, the rest all swam away with the receding water.