Students with autism learn lessons while performing ‘Hamilton’ virtually

For the past couple of years, the musical 'Hamilton' has taken the world by storm. Bay Area teacher Liisa DiTarando was looking for a way to help her autistic students to come out of their shell when she realized Hamilton was the perfect way to reach them. 

"There are a lot of social and emotional learning lessons built into the play," DiTarando explained. "All of those lessons matched exactly what we were trying to teach them." 

The students were disappointed when COVID-19 closed schools and they were not able to perform the musical. One student came up with the idea of a Zoom video.  

DiTarando had no idea how to put one together, but when word got out, an out-of-work editor offered up his services. A fellow teacher also had a connection to a cast member and they were able to recruit some actors to be in the video. 

After receiving the edited video, DiTarando posted the video on her Facebook page and had over 4,000 views the first night.

The students and parents love the video, and it even grabbed the attention of Christopher Jackson, the actor that plays George Washington in Hamilton. 

He promised to make sure show creator Lin Manuel will see the video.