Summit Salon Academy provides a school for aspiring stylists, half-price deals for customers

The Summit Salon is an elite beauty academy that is local and independently owned.

On 4802 Gunn Highway in Tampa, you can find the salon and become a student or be a customer to the salon's many services, which include haircuts, waxing, skincare and spa treatment.

The salon provides has low-cost prices for all treatments and on top of the low cost; the salon has special deals every day of the week for customers.

One of the main goals at Summit Salon is to ensure that all students who graduate get a job and so far, 80 percent of the graduates have gotten a job straight out of the academy. To ensure these students find a job after graduation, a placement advisor helps each student fulfill this goal.

Not only do the advisors help the students get a job but they also talk to them about taxes, entrepreneurial skills and all of the ins and outs of the industry, in case they wanted to start their own business one day.

Another part of Summit Salon is a charitable aspect.

The salon has a student council, which makes sure that they raise enough money to donate to other organizations and give back to the Tampa Bay community.

LINK: For more information, head over to the Summit Salon Academy's website