Super Bowl faces many challenges, but organizers say they're ready

With 12 days to go before kickoff, the NFL says the work inside Raymond James Stadium is on track, or ahead of schedule in many areas, but is far from finished.

"Lots of work we have to do, from decor, installation booths, lighting and audio, and all the other enhancements," said Eric Finkelstein, the NFL's senior director of event planning.

Security installations are also going in. 

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The Super Bowl is considered a Level 1 national security event. That means support comes in from the local and state level, as well as from federal agencies. 

Speaking of safety, COVID-19 protocols have been factored into almost every decision.

"We're very confident in what we're doing making sure we have physical distancing, making sure we're watching vertical movements," said Jon Barker, NFL vice president and head of live event production and operations. "Every fan, every guest, every person that is working at the stadium will receive an N95 mask, bacterial wipes, sanitizer, a safety card, and everyone will be in a mask. We're taking every step possible."

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On the field, there are enhancements as well. A hundred or so cameras will capture the game from every angle possible. The teams will also be playing on brand new grass, laid down about two weeks ago.

"We've got a brand new surface. It’s in great shape. We're working on painting it now," said NFL Field Director Ed Mangan.  

The league will still define success after the final whistle blows by how the overall game went.

"I think it starts with the game itself. You want a highly competitive, entertaining game. You want to make sure you’re creating an environment where fans have a highly enjoyable time and the opportunity to celebrate the healthcare workers in the way were going to do that for them. I think those three components make a highly successful Super Bowl and I have no doubt that's how we'll feel Sunday night," Barker said.