Swarm of bees found 'resting' on parked BMW in Virginia

Photo credit: Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department

Firefighters in Virginia responded to a call with an unbelievable sight.

First responders with the Fairfax County Fire Department received a call from a resident who said there was a large group of bees sitting on a parked BMW at work. Luckily, the fire captain happened to be a bee enthusiast.

“At times, people call the Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department for a variety of non-fire or emergency medical situations – usually when they can’t think of who else to call,” according to a blog post from the fire department

Captain David Weand said it appeared the swam of bees used the car as a rest stop as other bees searched for their new home to build a hive. 

The fire department was about to contact a local beekeeper, but it turned out the building manager already beat them to it. 

“This allows the bees to be captured and saved rather than killed,” according to the blog post. “These bee swarms are usually docile and not going to sting you. They are full of honey and saving their energy to build a new home. Bees will follow the pheromones of their queen and make a ball around her. If you encounter a similar situation, Google your local bee group. They will likely have a phone number or email form to complete to alert them of a swarm.”

There were no reported injuries.