Tampa-bound flight makes emergency landing in Tallahassee

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A Southwest Airlines flight from Atlanta to Tampa had to make an emergency landing in Tallahassee Friday afternoon.

Video taken by the passenger shows the oxygen masks had deployed and the passengers were using them.

Flight 206 left Atlanta at 1:45 p.m. Friday and was scheduled to land in Tampa at 3:15.

According to Southwest, the flight was diverted due to an electrical smell in the cabin. "The Captain took extra precautionary measures, declared an emergency and landed the aircraft safely," Southwest said in a statement.

The 143 passengers and five crew members boarded a different plane to return to Tampa.  It landed safely just after  9 p.m.

Once safely on the ground passenger Lisa Shaffer said, "It was just really dramatic because the flight dropped 10,000 feet in just a few minutes. It was just really dramatic but everyone handled it really well."

The original plane will be undergoing maintenance and was taken out of service.