Tampa chef's pop-up dinners delight foodies looking for something different

A Tampa-based personal chef is hosting pop-up dinners to highlight foods and locations that might not get the representation they otherwise deserve.

Jada Vidal's pop-up dinners are always at a new location and feature a new menu, offering customers a unique dining experience every time. 

"It’s something that’s really catered to people that are big foodies," Vidal said. 

Vidal was born and raised in Tampa and started cooking at a young age. 

"Cartoons for me was Food Network," she recalled. 

She says her cooking style is a true reflection of her background: half African American and half Cuban. 

"I like to try and play into those different kinds of cuisines and put a little bit of a fine touch on it," she explained. 

Vidal started cooking professionally at the age of 16 as a line cook at the Epicurean Hotel. 

"I absolutely loved everything about it, so I’ve been in the industry since then," she said.

Last year, Vidal appeared on celebrity chef Guy Fieri’s game show "Guy’s Grocery Games."

She won the episode and took home $20,000. 

"It’s definitely helped to fund the pop-up restaurants. Kind of taking that opportunity and investing in something else to create more opportunities for myself," she said. 

To reserve a spot at one of Jade’s pop-up dinners, or book her for a private event, visit her Instagram page, https://www.instagram.com/thejadavidal/.