Tampa DJ's daughter recalls Las Vegas shooting

The shooting in Las Vegas is personal for a Tampa Bay radio DJ. Normally upbeat, 99.5 WQYK's "Cadillac Jack" struck a different tone Monday.

“It was a tough day today. I’m emotionally drained,” he said.

Over the airways, the country DJ spoke by phone with his 21-year-old daughter.  The young nursing student was in front of the stage Sunday night at the Route 91 Harvest Country Music Fest when shots rang out.

“We were in the middle of the crowd and there was a bunch of people and it sounded like firecrackers,” she said.  “Someone yelled out there was someone shooting as everyone was laying on the ground."

“She saw a lot of stuff. She saw people get shot, wounded. It was a disaster. Something I still can’t believe,” Cadillac Jack said.

The gunman, perched 32 stories up, would take at least 59 lives and injured another 500-plus.  Cadillac Jack himself was among the crowd during the first two days of the concert, but had left Sunday morning.

“I would’ve rather been down there. At least I could've helped. You just feel useless here,” he said.

A former resident of Las Vegas, he says the city will heal.

“It is a great city. I lived there seven years. What can you say about a city that had a six-hour wait to give blood? That’s the city that stands together and there were a lot of heroes out there,” he added.