Tampa Fire Rescue enlists the help of dog, Phorce, during Surfside clean up

When there's an emergency, Tampa Fire Rescue's Brittany Bishop is ready to roll.

"I like the opportunities to do different things. Every day's a little bit different. You're not really sure what you're going to get when you pull in," said Bishop.

In a catastrophe, she enlists the help of her dog, Phorce.

"Phorce is 3-years-old. He's a black lab. He is trained as a live find search and rescue dog. He's trained to detect a live scent as opposed to a human remains scent in the very beginning," explained Bishop.

Phorce had to use that training recently in one of the worst tragedies in Florida history, the deadly condo building collapse in Surfside.

"When I first got there the scale of it was what struck me it was so much bigger than what I was expecting from all the pictures and reports," recalled Bishop.

Bishop and Phorce were on a 12-hour night shift as part of the search and rescue group Task Force 3.

"It's made up of Tampa Fire Rescue, Hillsborough County, St. Pete. We would run across any new areas of the pile that might have opened up and spaces they might have exposed and let the dogs have a crack and see if they hit on anything they weren't able to get to earlier when there was rubble on top of it," added Bishop. "We kind of stood by in case something happened to the rescuers. If the building had happened to fall unfortunately we're right there so we can start looking for everybody else right away."

While signs of life were difficult to detect in the rubble, Bishop said the humanity was everywhere.

"When we got down there I think the thing that struck me was the community support," shared Bishop. "The community came together and supported us as rescuers and made sure our needs were met outside of our rescue work which really helped us in the 12-hour shifts and doing the hard work that we were being asked to do."

And Phorce also provided comfort for those tired and weary rescuers.

"He was kind of a therapy dog too. All the guys pet on him and love on him when they would come off the pile and that was kind of cool.", added Bishop.

Phorce may not understand how he's making a difference but Bishop says he's her hero.

"He makes me happy and he keeps me solid. He reminds me that we've got to work hard every day for what we do", Bishop shared.