Tampa judge denies accused killer bond

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Hillsborough state prosecutors say Jesse Harris only saw one way to seal his relationship with the object of his affection and that was to get rid of her boyfriend, Gregory Walker.

At a bond hearing, prosecutors played surveillance video they say shows a deadly confrontation between the two at a Tampa gas station on November 10, 2016.

Tampa Police Detective Robert Bartner told a judge the two also argued a week before the murder.

"They were arguing back-and-forth about dating her," said Detective Bartner.

In the surveillance video, Jesse Harris was inside the Gold Star Sunoco on North Nebraska in Tampa. As he heads back outside, he apparently spotted Gregory Walker walking by. The two begin to fight.  

A woman, only identified as Ms. Daniels in court ,witnessed the whole thing.

"He had him some type of way, choking him, and the man said, 'let me go,' and he didn't let him go," she said.

Daniels said Gregory Walker eventually stopped fighting back.

"First his hands and legs were moving to get out of this choke hold, and suddenly his legs and his hands and stuff didn't move anymore," explained Daniels.

Prosecutors say Gregory Walker was knocked out and died at the hospital a short time later.

During the hearing, the defense argued for bond, claiming this was a dispute between two people. Harris wasn't a threat to anyone else in the community. But the judge didn't see it that way, saying Harris would stay in jail until his trial.

Afterward, Harris broke down, apparently realizing prison is real possibility and the love life he was seeking may be over.