86-year-old Tampa man helps underserved residents along with Abe Brown Ministries

86-year-old Oscar Butler gets excited about volunteering.

"I love what I'm doing," said Butler. "They didn't ask me to come down here. I came down here on my own."

For the past 25 years, Butler has been volunteering at Abe Brown Ministries Food for Life Pantry Distribution program. They provide food for underserved Tampa residents.

"I got where I just went to loving the place. They can't keep me from down here. I come here every day. Just like on my regular job when I was working," Butler said.

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Butler hasn't always felt that way. When they first started the mission, he was their biggest opponent.

"I used to hate the place when it first started. I don't want them criminals next to me. I don't want that. I was saying all that. Then I give them a chance," he said.

A chance that he hasn't regretted.

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"I really enjoy what I'm doing. And I wanted to do what I'm doing to help the community, because it's a plenty people that need help," Butler added.

Two Fridays a month, they hand out bags of food to residents. For Butler, it's time well spent for those in need. 

Oscar worked for Hillsborough County Fire Department for 31 years before retiring and giving back to his East Tampa community.