Tampa mom convicted of murdering ‘mouthy’ kids may plead insanity if given new trial

Julie Schenecker, a Tampa mother convicted of murdering her two teenage children, wants a do-over.  

Schenecker's new attorney, Daniel Ripley, is building his insanity defense but needs his client to be competent to do so. Recently, he had concerns and asked Tampa judge Michelle Sisco to appoint a doctor to evaluate her.

"I did receive the court’s order on whether to determine competency," Ripley said.

During a virtual hearing Thursday, Ripley acknowledged Judge Sisco’s ruling that stated Schenecker had turned down the defense's request, but he hinted Schenecker may want to try again after he meets with her.

"I will have a conversation on whether to file an additional motion to compliance with the court’s order or whether she is stabilized on medication, and this is no longer an issue " explained Ripley.

Schenecker was convicted of killing her two teenage children, Calyx, 16, and Beau, 13, in January 2011.

At the time, Schenecker said she shot her kids because they talked back and were "too mouthy."

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She was convicted and sentenced to two life sentences. But now she wants a new trial because she says her attorney made mistakes. 

During Thursday's hearing, Julie Schenecker’s sister, Carol Walsh, complained her sister wasn't getting updates on her case because of a mail mix-up.

"She's been in custody for 11 years…she has not gotten any of the proceedings or court documents," Walsh said.

Judge Sisco planned to address the issue and also scheduled a new hearing for Schenecker's case for June 23, 2022.