Tampa Prep engineering teacher awarded for innovation in education

 A Tampa teacher is being recognized for his creative approach to education.

KK Quah teaches principles of engineering at Tampa Prep. He was selected as the Inno on Fire recipient of the year by the Tampa Bay Business Journal.

The award shines a light on innovation in teaching.

Mr. Quah left the business world eight years ago to fulfill his dream to teach.

"It's nice to be recognized certainly being in a school like Tampa Prep has been great," he said. "I want to make a difference in kids' lives and this school has given me a great opportunity to do that."

"The drive that he has to teach really drives me as a student to meet those expectations and to inspire to excellence," said student Connor White, who has been mentored by Mr. Quah since he was in sixth grade.

Student Chole Wells says, "He's really interactive with all the students and he shows us real-world application of the things we are learning in class which is really interesting."

Mr. Quah believes challenging students is the best way for them to learn.

"If I can challenge them and channel their energy in the right way I think that's a win-win," he said.