Tampa school teaches lessons for students to live best lives

A mentoring club is having a positive impact on students by helping them become better citizens. 

Twice a month, you can find students learning how to be good citizens at Just Elementary School In Tampa.

"We learn lessons about life and have fun activities," Camron Russell a student said.

Student Aniyah Young says, "I want to learn how to be a lady and learn how to respect my teachers and respect others."

The students are part of after-school mentoring groups. The boys' group is called the Omega Gents.

Shaka Jasper Chairman of the Omega gents says "We help them with character development skills and help them to understand what gentleman really do."

The girls club is called Carolyn P. Hill Ladies' Club. "We're trying to set them on the right track to be positive, to be good role models to respect their peers and adults," said Lejean Miller who runs the ladies club.

Their goal is to help students be positive role models and leaders in their community.

"We help them understand what a true friend looks like and not only how to support not only yourself but your fellow brother as well," Shaka said.

The groups learn character development and improve their self-esteem with role-playing techniques. They also do also community service projects.

"I try and teach them differently and sit down and talk about how you want your friend to treat you," Lejean explained.

The clubs are changing the lives of children so that they can have a positive impact in their community. The students are ages 7 to 11 and meet twice a month.