Tampa women aim to re-engineer modern bras

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It's the foundation of a woman's wardrobe. But finding the right bra can be a challenge.

"Every store kind of has their different sizes and you don't know what store to store what size you're going to be and sometimes you're just playing a guessing game," said shopper Rachel Rew.

Two Tampa entrepreneurs are developing a bra to simplify the process. They've named their company Fruutfull.

"We really realized that women do need better bra options altogether. We thought style has changed so much over the last hundred years,  but our bras haven't so we decided to re-engineer the bra," said Fruutfull President & CEO, Ellery Linder.

"I'm an odd-numbered band size so bands right now come in even-numbered increments so my bra size has never existed," said Fruutfull founder and designer, Danielle Rushton. 

"Through our patented design, we will allow women to adjust their bra down to the exact centimeter they need it and, through this, we will be able to offer less sizes and cover a wider spectrum," said Linder.

They are conducting research for their product at startup events, getting feedback and spreading the word that better bras are coming.

"Eventually we'll have our bras in our fruit crates, but right now it's about building brand awareness and speaking with other women about their struggles and what they like about their bras, what they don't like about their bras", said Linder. "Your cup size and your bra size actually fluctuates so on average we're changing our bra size about six times in our life so we need to be resized."  

Their goal is to make bra shopping a more fruitful experience for women.

"Most women out there are wearing the wrong bra size so we're here to help," said Linder.

For more information about Fruutfull, visit https://fruutfull.com/.