'This is home': Woman's mission lends helping hand to veterans facing homelessness

A woman embarked on a mission 14 years ago to help veterans facing homelessness in Tampa. Connie Lindsay's effort to lend a helping hand to veterans turned into Liberty Manor for Veterans. 

David Peacock, a veteran, was homeless before finding Liberty Manor for Veterans

"We all need to up as a community, as a nation to help our veterans," said Lindsay, the chief executive officer of Liberty Manor for Veterans. "They are a lot of them are underprivileged."  

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Lindsay said she's proud that she's able to help provide housing for honorably discharged veterans. Peacock has been at Liberty Manor for Veterans or 13 years.

"She's taken good care of me, make sure I had whatever I needed," Peacock said of Lindsay.

Liberty Manor for Veterans continues to be a saving grace for veterans like Peacock. 

"This is home. I ain't got no other family or anything else, so I ain't got nowhere else to go," Peacock said.

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The home is run through donations and no one on staff is paid. For everyone there, it's a way to say thank you to the veterans who sacrificed so much. 

"We have transition over a thousand veterans successfully, according to the Veterans Administration," Lindsay said. "We're one of the most successful programs in America. They brought three people down from Washington to take a look at our model." 

She said she hopes her model spreads to other parts of the country. Liberty Manor is hosting an event called "Races on the River 2022" to help raise money. For more information, visit https://www.libertymanor.org.