This Secret Santa gift giving guide will make you everyone's favorite elf

Secret Santa gift offerings are a click away on websites like Amazon, but how do you know whether to go practical or give something silly?

Proper Protocol's owner and etiquette expert Kim Goddard says there are some tricks to getting the perfect secret Santa gift at work, school, or church. 

Whether you're panicked because you drew the boss' name or you just don't know someone that well, these tips should steer you toward the perfect gift.

1. Keep it safe for work

Stay away from anything the typical office might not want you to bring in, like booze.

"If someone likes wine, maybe get something that goes with it like maybe 'his and her' glasses, or holiday glasses," says Goddard.

2. Drop a hint

Try controlling the game a bit by giving your co-workers a few hints on your name tag. Kim says to include hobbies and foods you like. It gives co-workers somewhere to start.

3. Keep it simple

When buying a gift, don't go extravagant. Common online prices are under $20.

"Be creative and it doesn't have to be one item for that much money. It could be like a basket," explains Goddard.

4. Don't be too specific

Try to stay gender neutral, in case someone wants to re-gift your gift, but Goddard says there is one exception.

"You don't want to re-gift in the office because then it shows the person that I really didn't care for it," she said.

5. Stick to the plan

If you draw the boss, don't panic! Pick a gift for the boss you would pick for any of your coworkers.

Goddard also says bosses like something they can use and get rid of. 

"They don't want to have something on their desk that's from an employee all year long," she explained.

6. Have fun

The last rule is to enjoy yourself!

"Don't be the one person in the office who doesn't want to do it and says 'bah humbug!'"