TIA or TPA? Tampa airport wants to end the name game

Tampa International Airport wants to make sure you get its name right. For years, many have called it “TIA,” but a recent tweet from the airport makes it clear the real airport code is actually “TPA.” 

The tweet elicited a strong response, with some agreeing TPA is correct, while others want to hold on to the TIA acronym. 

“More and more airports are moving to a trend of calling themselves by their airport code, which is TPA,” said Emily Nipps, spokesperson for the airport. 

That said, during the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s, the airport did call itself TIA.

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“We really, in the last eight to 10 years, have been pushing the TPA instead of TIA,” Nipps continued, conceding that longtime residents may resist.  “Old habits die hard. And some never die at all.” 

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It turns out TIA is technically the code for an airport in Albania. Ironically, most out-of-towners had no problem identifying the airport as TPA. 

“Anybody in the aviation industry, they're pretty hardcore about using those codes,” Nipps warned. 

However, she says, it is OK if you forget from time to time.  

“As long as people consider us their favorite airport, we don’t care what you call us,” she added.