Timeout! Deer in the outfield at baseball game in Ohio

A timeout was called at a baseball game in Cleveland, Ohio because of a few extra "players" in the outfield. 

Three deer invaded the baseball game between Case Western Reserve University and Brandeis University in on Saturday in the bottom of the first inning.

The deer hopped over Nobby’s Ballpark’s right field fence in foul territory and attempted to go across the outfield and get out in left field. However, the left field fence was too high for the trio to jump over.

Players attempted to let the deer out in left field, but they scampered back across the outfield and exited where they came in.

The game was paused for a brief moment as the deer made their way out. The animals didn’t interact with any of the players during the moment.

The two teams split their doubleheader at Case Western Reserve’s home field. Case Western Reserve won the first game, 6-0. Brandeis won the second game, 7-5.