Tow truck operator recovering after being hit by a dump truck

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As the Florida Highway Patrol searches for the driver of a dump truck who struck a tow truck operator and kept going the victim is home healing.

"He is a hard working individual,"  Tina Meyer said about her son Timothy Canary.

"He basically works everyday for his two boys," said Meyer.

Canary works as a tow truck driver for P & J Towing in Sarasota to support his sons ages 6 and 8.

His mother knows his job is not an easy one. "I know the dangers of it. You hear it all the time of people getting hit people not obeying the move over law," she said.

Monday night around 8:30 p.m. Canary was on the south side of I-75, just north of University Parkway.  He was wearing his reflective vest and had the high beams and flashing lights on his truck so drivers could see him.

But, a dump truck didn't move over.

His mother said he heard the truck coming towards him and tried jumping out of the way, but he was still hit.

"The phone call that I got was from my son, in tears, saying mom you've got to meet me at the hospital, I've been in an accident," she said.

Canary was rushed to the hospital.

"I prayed he was good because he actually spoke to me. I said in my mind its not as bad as it sounds. He is okay," Meyer said.

Less than 24 hours later he was able to go home. He is bruised and in pain, but he is alive.

"He is extremely lucky when you take a moment just to think about the size of a dump truck and then a human being," said Trooper Ken Watson.

Under Florida law the driver was required to move over.  It is a must when you see law enforcement, emergency vehicles or tow trucks on the side of the highway.  If you can't move over the law requires you to drop your speed limit.

"It is very easy to move over. If you can not safely do so you are requested to go 20 miles an hour below the speed limit," said Trooper Watson.

Canary's family begs drivers to pay closer attention and for the dump truck driver to come forward.

"Please obey those laws. People's lives are in danger," said Meyer.

The Florida Highway Patrol asks anyone with information regarding the hit-and-run accident to call 941-751-8350