Track events at USF kick off 2019 Warrior Games

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The 2019 Warrior Games kicked off in Tampa this weekend with track events at the University of South Florida.

Athletes of all abilities ran and rolled across the finish line in both standing and wheelchair races. 

"Seeing the courage and perseverance they show everyday is inspiring," said retired First Sergeant Jarrid Collins. 

Collins in a runner for the hosting Special Operations Command team and runs with a prosthetic.

"Getting out there having them beside you, pushing you to what your boundaries are and then pushing a little further is what it's all about. It's that competition," he said. 

Races included shorter sprints like the 200 meter dash, and longer team races like the 1500 meter relay. 

Sgt. Thomas Conlin, with his teammates with the Marine Corps, came in third place.

"There are some great athletes out there. You never know who is going to be able to compete with you," said Sgt. Conlin. "It's just great to see the athletes with different types of injuries not restricting them or holding them down. They're putting it all out there on the track."

Tracks events are only scheduled on Saturday, leaving the schedule open for a full day of Field events on Sunday.