Trainees feel the heat at Tampa Fire Rescue Training Grounds

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During a fire emergency, teamwork and training can be the difference between life and death. So at the Tampa Fire Rescue Training Grounds just outside of downtown Tampa, new recruits get hands-on experience battling blazes.

Instructor Anthony Perez believes staging real-world scenarios gives recruits the confidence they wouldn’t get in the classroom.

“It teaches them how to trust themselves, and trust the team that they’re with,” Perez explained.

On a recent day, an oil tanker was turned on its side and set ablaze. Groups of students were then tasked with extinguishing the fire. 

“They feel the radiant heat, their heartbeat is really racing. It’s more of a team-building skill.” Perez continued. 

Each of the students are required to complete 398 hours of lecture and skill-set training such as the oil tanker fire. Once completed, they can become state certified firefighters. 

Training like this can help students prepare for the real world. 

“It is important to make sure we perform at a very high level for the public when things are going really bad,” Perez added.