Two people stabbed on the Dunedin Causeway

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Two people are behind bars after authorities say they stabbed a Port Richey man on the Dunedin Causeway.

What should have been a fun day at the beach took a frightening turn for one family who says they were the victims of a violent attack.

Nineteen-year-old Christopher Gourlay, along with his mother, and her fiancé, Dwayne Rouleau, were hoping for a relaxing day along the water at the Dunedin Causeway. However, what they experienced was the furthest thing from relaxing.

"We were just here to fish, have a good day at the beach," said Gourlay. "But we never even got to go fishing."

Gourlay says it all began when a stranger approached them, who has since been identified as Lynette Kist by the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office.

According to Gourlay, Kist attempted to make small talk with him and his family, but it all took an alarming turn when the woman started making strange comments about Rouleau.

"She came over every five to ten minuets, saying that we need to get away from him, that he's no good, that we're in danger," said Gourlay.

It wasn't long before Gourlay said the woman took things into her own hands, attacking Rouleau as he relaxed on the beach.

"She just comes running up 'saying I'm going to kill you, I'm going to kill you,'" said Gourlay. "I grabbed her, walked her back over to her car, and told her that she needs to leave."

The sheriff's office says things took a violent turn after the man with Kist, Javier Solis, joined in on the attack.

"Me and Dwayne started to get control of him, started to get his arms and everything, and next thing I know, Dwayne's pulling me off of him saying 'he's got a knife, he just stabbed me.'"

Gourlay says the complete strangers stabbed Rouleau three times before they took off, leaving him and his family in shock. Gourlay also suffered minor cuts from the attack.  

"They parked next to us with their family, they had a little boy," said Gourlay. "We had no idea who they were." Tonight, they're just thankful Rouleau is alive.

 "He was just trying to keep everyone calm at the time, and he seemed the calmest out of everyone, surprisingly."

Pinellas County deputies eventually caught up with Kist and Solis, arresting them both.

Rouleau was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries. Kist was also injured in the altercation, but was released and taken to the Pinellas County Jail.

Kist is charged with one count of Battery and one count of Tampering with Physical Evidence.

Solis was charged with one count of Aggravated Battery with a Deadly Weapon, one count of Battery, and one count of Tampering with Physical Evidence.