Two-time organ transplant recipient wants to inspire others

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One woman's determination is inspiring others. She's had more than her fair share of health obstacles. Now she's giving back in a big way.

Hypertension as a teen was just the start of many health issues for Melissa Bias. 

"When I became pregnant at the age of 20, that's when I developed Toxemia Preeclampsia," she recalled.

It can injure various major organs. Bias needed two kidney transplants. Then she got hit with another potential knockout punch when she fell at home.

"When they found out that I had a tumor growing in my brain," Bias told FOX 13. "I had a brain aneurysm."

She didn't give up. It's not in her DNA.

"You have to fight to live," Bias said. "If you want to live, you've got to fight it."

She's punching back hard. Bias started "Remember Me Kidney" to help motivate, inform and support people who have had transplants.

"I still live today and I want people to know that they have to keep on living and they got to keep on striving," she said.

The main culprit with constant health issues is depression, particularly for people who have organ transplants. Her goal is to come to their aid with support, encouragement and the tools needed to overcome and succeed.

"I wanted to live and I'm going to keep on living because it's a mind and it's an attitude, and that's how I feel," Bias said.

Her will to live keeps her motivated to help others develop the same mental fortitude to survive and thrive.