USF students gain accolades for bottle-feeding innovation to prolong breastfeeding

Two USF students have recognized the pitfalls of bottle-feeding and have set out to change the game.

Lauren Wright, who is pursuing her doctorate at USF, and Tram Pham, who graduated from USF last week with her doctorate, are founders of "The Natural Nipple." The local upstart has created a baby bottle that mimics the natural size, shape, and flow of a mother's breast. Mothers can select from various models to find one that most closely matches their own dimensions.

Wright and Pham said their invention is designed to counter various bottle-feeding issues such as incorrect milk flow and amount from bottle to baby, cutting short breastfeeding as the baby gets used to a bottle shape over the natural breast shape, and refusal to latch on if dad or someone else is helping feed.

The Natural Nipple has already won various accolades throughout its development but recently announced its latest: a partnership with Johnson and Johnson. Johnson and Johnson just awarded the group its Clinical Innovation Award, which will further help develop the bottle with mentorship opportunities and access to Johnson and Johnson labs around the world.

The Natural Nipple will launch a kickstarter campaign in late June, and parents can pre-order the product with anticipated September arrival.

LINK: For more information on the group and its products, visit The Natural Nipple website.