Veterinarians offer curbside appointments to limit COVID-19 exposure

Restaurants aren't the only ones providing curbside service to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

Doctors and staff at My Pets Animal Hospital in Lakeland are coming out to the parking lot to start the treatment process in an effort to promote social distance.

A vet tech picks up your pet in the parking lot and escorts it inside. You wait outside.

On Tuesday, Amy Hayes and her kids waited for their new Goldendoodle Buck to be brought back to them after a puppy exam.

“I would it prefer this way just with my kids,” she told FOX 13. “I would prefer not to sit in a waiting room. I would rather sit in my car where I am not exposed to anything.”

My Pets Animal Hospital started providing curbside service after national veterinary associations began recommending it.

“I think initially there was some concern  that maybe we were being over the top but as things have progressed on a day to day basis, we felt like being at the forefront, taking these precautions will allow us to help as many pets as possible, as long as possible, while keeping our staff and clients safe,” said Dr. Donna McWilliams, the owner.

While the pet is being examined, staffers keep in touch with you on the phone to discuss any possible problems and treatment.

You pay on-line, and a tech brings your animal back with whatever medications or supplies to need.

“It takes a little longer,” Hayes said, adding the peace of mind was worth it.

If you feel sick:

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