Vigil held for Tampa mother, 10-year-old killed during domestic dispute

Members of the Mariners Cove apartments gathered Monday evening to remember the lives of a mother and her 10-year-old son who were killed in a domestic dispute

The tragedy has been hardest on the children of the neighborhood.

"It just made us sad," one said.

A group of them chanted, "No more fighting, walk away," as they surrounded a vigil that was made outside the fence of the apartment complex.

"We are trying to yell it out as loud as we can," said neighbor Jeane Kennedy. "If someone tries to hit them, they are going to have that song, walk away, no more violence. I want them to live long enough to have gray hair."

Johnson was booked after deputies investigated his claim to 911 operators that he fired because he was being attacked. He had been living with them for a year.

"These are children who have to survive this violence too," said Kennedy. "They will go home and have rage inside them. That's what grief turns into, rage. When it is left unattended, it comes out as domestic violence."