Weapons from gun shop still missing after burglary arrests

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Hillsborough County deputies got a tip that led them to the arrest of four brothers for gun shop burglary where the suspects smashed a hole in the wall to get inside.

Deputies arrested Xavier Navarrette, 22, Emilio Navarrette, 21, and Gabriel Navarrette, 24, in Hillsborough County. They arrested Mario Navarrette, 25, in Jacksonville.

Investigators said 42 handguns are still missing.

"We have yet to locate the stolen guns. We are conducting search warrants at a couple locations to try to locate those stolen guns," said Cristal Bermudez-Nuñez, with the Sheriff's Office.

Deputies said the brothers used power tools to cut a large hole through the wall of Shooting Sports on Dale Mabry Highway.

The store's owner, Fred Flesche, said he's glad the brothers are in custody, but he's concerned because the weapons are missing.

"It's not the financial side or the cost of the weapons, it's getting them under control, and getting them back so the wrong people just don't have them in their hands," Flesche said.

On Thursday, ATF agents collected the serial numbers, makes and models of each handgun, and that information was put into the National Crime Information Center Database.

If the guns show up anywhere, they're immediately flagged as stolen, and case agents are notified of their location.

"If it's out of the state, there will be agents that will be assigned to go ahead and work that particular area and see how we can make the connection here to work it from both ends," ATF Special Agent Kevin Richardson said Thursday.

Detectives are hoping they will locate some of the guns through the search warrants.

The brothers are charged with armed burglary, criminal mischief, possession of burglary tools, and second-degree grand theft.