Wellness Emprise helping students transition to college

This summer, many kids will transition from high school to college. It can be a daunting experience, but now there’s help. 

Students at Hillsborough Community College are taking part in a workshop to prepare them for life’s next chapter.

“Most people feel like they can handle that stress on their own, so they don’t really want to seek help,” said student Kristin Rampartap. 

Breaking through the stigma of mental stress and inner turmoil is the goal for the Centre For Women and its “Wellness Emprise” initiative.  

Susan McIntyre heads the program, which started in January. “This is about the fact that at least 26% of the students on any college campus are dealing with emotional issues that may prevent them from academic success in terms of their career path.” 

Students and their families get 12 free sessions to help them cope with the stress of transitioning to college life. 

“A healthy mind makes for a healthy body, makes for a healthy spirit and hopefully in the long run it will make for great academics,” said Wellness Emprise counselor Cameron Burris.

Kristin says the program is needed. “I go to school full time and it's kinds of like put a toll on me because I kind of like rushing all my classes to meet deadlines, so I guess in that way it’s stressful.” 

Helping young people better cope with college life can drastically improve their chances of a healthy and productive future.