Winn Dixie bagger making customers smile for 33 years

Hard working and dedicated describes Shane Crisco'S life. The 53-year-old grocery store bagger with special needs is what's right with Tampa Bay.

"I love working here, it.s fun. Bagging every day, meeting people," said Winn Dixie Bagger Shane Crisco.

For 33 years, Shane has been bagging groceries for customers at Winn Dixie.

"I love talking to people. Some kid crying or something, I'll try to make them laugh and, you know, make them feel good," Shane said.

Born with cerebral palsy, Shane doesn't let that stop him from participating in the workforce.

"I think if you want to have a successful job, you should work hard at it," said Shane.

Customers love to interact with Shane at the grocery store.

"I'm always glad to see him," said customer Tara Madden. "When I go shopping, he smiles at everyone always gives me a smile. I can't say enough good things about him."

"I see Shane every day when I come here,"  said customer Tagresa Smith, who has been coming to Winn Dixie for years. "He always got a smile for me such a sweetheart. He always makes sure he says 'hello' to me."

Shane's sister, Leslie Cowley says he is a dedicated and hard worker.

"He has worked here 33 years and, out of that time, he has only missed two days of work in 33 years," she said. 

Shane's secret for success: "You got to stay with the job. It will take you places," said Shane.