Woman accused of DUI manslaughter in death of motorcyclist allowed out on bond

LizAngelea Bonilla-Parilla was looking for a taste of freedom when she pleaded guilty to stealing her friend’s car and crashing it while driving drunk.

The plea ended up being a successful attempt to get out on bond for the more serious charge of DUI manslaughter.

However, prosecutor Michael Schmiz said  Bonilla-Parilla should be put in jail for the grand theft charge, pointing out the defendant got into more trouble after her first DUI charge.

"She picked up this new DUI manslaughter while she was on probation for a DUI," argued Schmiz. 

It was back in November of 2018, Bonilla-Parilla who was on probation for her first DUI was only allowed to drive for business purposes. 

Prosecutors say, instead of driving home, she decided to stay at work at the Sunset Grill for a cocktail and then drove drunk and slammed into a motorcyclist who had pulled over in a median on Interstate 75.

He was killed at the scene.

That case has yet to be resolved, but Bonilla-Parilla's attorney, Danny Fernandez argued his client should be presumed innocent on that charge and shouldn't be punished prematurely.

"Can the court think of any reason or any other case where the state of Florida will be seeking the maximum sentence on a third-degree felony on someone with no prior criminal history? I don’t think so," argued Fernandez.  

Hillsborough County Circuit Judge Mark Kiser agreed.

"Ms. Bonilla, I will accept your plea. I will provide for a withhold of adjudication, as you’re eligible for that. It’s your first felony," the judge ruled.  

Bonilla-Parilla can now get out of jail on bond. No trial date has been set for her DUI manslaughter charges.