Woman finds gator in garage after stepping on it

A Clermont family got first-hand experience on what it's like to live on a lake in Florida. 

Mick Sprinkle says his wife walked into the garage and stepped on an alligator. 

The alligator was tiny, and it didn't appear the mama was around, so Sprinkle shooed it out of the garage with a broom as it hissed at him. "Do not hiss on me! You are in my garage!" he says as the baby gator makes its way out into the driveway. 

"We recently moved from MetroWest and don't see such things," Sprinkle laughed. 

Sprinkle said he went back outside to check on the tiny gator but it was gone. "I can only assume it made its way back to the lake behind the house," he said.