Women are downshifting careers because of the pandemic, report says

Figuring out that work-life balance amidst a pandemic has proven to be stressful and new for many. It’s a lot to navigate and figure out, but a new study suggests that this pandemic may be impacting women and their careers the hardest. 

Many have had to figure out how to work from home, many people have been forced to look for new jobs and with so many kids participating in e-learning, parents have had that responsibility added onto their plate as well.

But a new study by Leanin.org and McKinsey and Company suggests that women may be feeling the effects of these changes the most. The study stated  that 1 in 4 women are now being forced to downshift their careers as a result of this pandemic, feeling that they have no choice but to put their careers on the back burner. 

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The report also shows that 1 in 3 women may feel the need to opt-out of working or scale back on their responsibilities at their job as a result of the pandemic. The study even went as far as to suggest that these challenges are impacting women the hardest who are mothers or who hold a senior position.

“All of our large brands went on pretty major budget freezes and our smaller brands didn’t really have any money. Definitely the most stressful moment of my day was my 4-year-old’s Zoom calls. Those were much more intense and missing those seemed way more life-altering than any other actual business move,” said Courtney Campbell, a CEO in Delray Beach. 

Experts say while there isn't a cure-all solution, taking time for yourself and addressing things like mental health, childcare and paid leave can go a long way.