Women’s networking group helping female-owned businesses stay afloat during coronavirus pandemic

The Gulf Coast Sourdough Sandwich House has seen better days.

“We have about 38 restaurant accounts that we work with and we’re seeing their orders dwindling, cut in half and, in many cases, completely eliminated as they had to shut their doors,” said Christina Cann, Gulf Coast Sourdough Sandwich House co-founder.

Cann and her husband started the business a few years ago. They sell fresh baked bread and sandwiches.

“Right now, we are really grateful that we have the sandwich house because that’s the only thing going for us right now,” Cann said.

The other thing going for them is the Working Women of Tampa Bay organization. It is the largest business networking group for women in Tampa Bay.

"We already raised $2,500 our plan is to raise $5,000.Through that we would be able to support 50 women-owned businesses By purchasing 100 dollars gift certificates from them,” explained Jessica Rivelli, founder of Working Women of Tampa Bay.

The group has already purchased more than 1,000 gift certificates. "We really want to make sure that women-owned businesses currently up and running in Tampa Bay stay up and running through this crisis," said Rivelli.

"The fact that an organization exists in this area that is focused solely on supporting female entrepreneurs and female business owners and they are really stepping up at this time when businesses really need them the most,” Cann said. “So, I am very grateful for their support."

For Rivelli, it’s an important cause.  "I feel like it is the least we could do right now,” explained Rivelli. “We would love to be doing even more. That's why we are using our social media influence and influence in our community." 

Women supporting women to help keep their dream of owning their own business alive.