WWE’s Bianca Belair ready to make history during Tampa's first WrestleMania event

Pro-wrestling fans at WrestleMania 37 will witness the first title match featuring two Black women – and the "EST of WWE" is ready for it.

Bianca Crawford – whose stage name is Bianca Belair -- joined Good Day Tampa Bay ahead of the main event in Tampa, which will be a two-night event on April 10 and 11.

"I’m feeling great. I’m feeling nervous," she explained. "I’m just anxious and ready for this night to get here so I can go and create history with Sasha Banks."

Bianca first signed a contract with WWE back in 2016. She made her TV debut in 2017 and quickly gained stardom. Back in January, she claimed victory in the 2021 Women’s Royal Rumble Match.

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She is the first Black woman to be the last one standing during a Royal Rumble, but only the second African-American to win the title, after Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. 

"It’s been a wild and fun ride," Bianca said during Good Day.

Winning the Royal Rumble title created a pathway to a WrestleMania match against superstar Sasha Banks, the current SmackDown Women’s Champion. The match will take place on Saturday, April 10.

"We’re going to go and create history," Bianca explained. "It’ll be the first time two African-American women are having a title match at WrestleMania."

"I am going there to prove that I am the ‘EST of WWE,’" she added. "I call myself the ‘EST.’ I’m the stronger, the fastest, the roughest, the toughest, the quickest, the greatest, the best. I’m going to prove myself at the greatest stage of them all at WrestleMania."

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The story plot between Bianca and Sasha started with them as tag team partners, but eventually, they became rivals.

"We went for the tag team titles. Then, all of that we kind of fell out. We had some animosity. She smacked me. I smacked her back," Bianca recalled.

Now, Bianca wants the SmackDown Women’s Championship title. 

"Right now, we are two alpha females going after the same goal," she said. "I will say, she smacked me first. I never do anything unless someone starts something with me. Then I have to finish it. I have to do what I have to do."

Unlike last year, this WrestleMania will have fans. It may be at a limited capacity due to the pandemic, but compared to last year, where no live audience was allowed, it’s an important change for the WWE superstars.

"It’s been really tough but we’ve had the ThunderDome which has given us virtual fans, which is amazing," Bianca said. "But there’s nothing like having fans there physically."

Each night, 25,000 fans will be allowed in Raymond James Stadium with COVID-19 safety protocols in place.

"We’re keeping everyone safe, but we’re there to entertain everyone. It’s going to be amazing to have our fans back," Bianca said. "We always say our goal is to put smiles on fans’ faces, but I don’t think it’s said enough that the fans put smile on our faces. It’s going to feel like a family reunion to finally have our fans back."