Ybor City apartment residents forced to move after failed inspections

About 170 people will soon have to move out of their homes. HUD says it will no longer subsidize people who live at Tampa Park Apartments, right outside Ybor City, because of the living conditions there.

HUD says the complex failed inspection four years in a row. Inspectors say they found roaches, mice, bad roofing, and faulty wiring; problems the owners say they have been trying to correct.

HUD is giving the tenants until August to move.

"That's kinda hard," a man who did not want to give his name told FOX 13. "It's kinda short notice to move."

The tenants also face another challenge. 

"There is not much that's available as far as housing in Tampa," another tenant, Gilbert Brinson said.

Tenants are responsible for their own moving costs but can rely on Tampa Housing Authority for leads.

"We give them a voucher. They have to find their own place," said Tampa Housing Authority President Jerome Ryans. "But we can't tell them where to move."

The complex is just a short distance from where the proposed new Rays stadium could be built.