Despite record, Bucs still have lots to play for

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A four-win season won't get NFL teams to the postseason. 

These days, that record gives fans a reason to blame whomever they want on social media. 

"I get it constantly," said Buccaneers defensive tackle, Gerald McCoy. "Somebody wrote me the other day and said that they love me as a player, they love me off the field, but I should get traded, so we can get more picks." 

It's not how the Buccaneers envisioned it months ago. After a 9-7 record in 2016 and essentially the same personnel in place, the outlook for this season looked promising. Now, it's just about getting one last victory. 

"Going into the last game, I think the best feeling ever is, you know, getting a win," said wide receiver Adam Humphries. "Being in the locker room after a win in the NFL, no matter what the implications are, I think just being in that locker room after a win, with a bunch of guys you've worked hard with and care about, it's going to be rewarding for us." 

Remember when the Bucs had the expectation and promise of playoff caliber team? The frustration of not reaching that goal is really setting in. Week after week, players are watching tape of playoff team after playoff team.  

"Watching film about New Orleans -- playoff team. Them playing Carolina -- playoff team. Them playing against the Rams -- playoff team. You watch them play team after team, and it's like you're watching a bunch  of film on playoff teams and you're sitting there just watching. It's frustrating but hey, we got an opportunity to go out and get a win at home." 

16 straight weeks of football culminates with a game with only pride on the line. On the other side, the Saints will vie for a division title. 

"Yeah, I don't want to see them win at all, especially not on our field," said McCoy. "Don't come here and win it." 

"We're going to go out and just try to win because that's what we're paid to do, and that's what we live to do," said wide receiver Mike Evans, who will try to get his 4th straight 1000-yard season Sunday.  "We love to compete, and we're going to try to win. 

Nothing to play for, no, the Bucs refuse to look at it that way. The postseason is long gone, but there's always something to play for. 

"So what? We go out and win Sunday, people will be smiling," said McCoy. "That's the ultimate goal."