Players, coaches ready to get back in the game -- once it's safe

By summer, America could be back watching sports, but from a distance. 

In a Snapchat interview, Dr. Fauci, the nation's top infectious disease expert, says the only way sports will return is without fans in the stands and players quarantined in hotels. 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has deemed professional sports essential services as long as they're closed to the public. 

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Rays outfielder Kevin Kiermaier recently told us at FOX 13 Sports to name the time and place. 

"Hopefully one of these days we just get a call out of nowhere saying, ‘we are going here, we're going there and this is when we are going to play,’” said Kiermaier. "That's what we are hoping for."

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The NFL just came to an agreement with the players association to conduct a virtual offseason beginning next Monday, April 20. But no on-field work will be permitted until all 32 club facilities can reopen. 

Tony Dungy doesn't want to see teams return until it's safe. 

"The big thing is these players are not going to want to go back until everyone knows it's safe,” Dungy told FOX 13 Sports. "When is that going to be? I don't know. That's what I'm waiting on. I hope it's September because I want to broadcast and I want to be part it. I wouldn't be surprised if it's October or November."

For a team like the Bucs that just landed Tom Brady, he's going to need time to learn his teammates and a new system with reps on the field. The question is, how much time will be needed to fine-tune the team and get game-ready?

"You're right. It's the little details that are going to make the difference throughout the year that you usually fine-tune now,” said former Buc Mike Alsott. "Hopefully we all get back here pretty soon, by July or mid-June or whatever. Everyone is professional. You're going have to put in extra time because you lost a lot of time with each other."