Professional long driver Steve Monroe reveals the secret behind distance

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Clearwater, Florida native Steve "The Predator" Monroe isn't your typical golfer. He is a professional long driver. 

His record is 480 yards. For perspective, that's a quarter of a mile, or almost the length of five football fields. 

Growing up in Pinellas County, Monroe learned all about the long drive game from Chi Chi Rodriguez.

In the long driving game, accuracy is of less importance as in a regular round of golf. 

"Swing speed is important, but most important is ball contact," Monroe said. "If you don't hit the center of the face, the ball isn't going to go its maximum distance." 

Monroe is currently ranked 23rd in the official World Long Drive rankings. He says he wants to work on his short game, and one day he hopes to play in the PGA Tour.

You can watch him in action in April during the Tampa Housing Authority's Charity Tournament April 26.