Displaced pets crowd Hillsborough shelters

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Hurricane Irma has left a wave of lost or abandoned pets in its wake.

Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center spokesperson Lauryn Postiglione says their shelter is nearly full and yet more and more dogs keep showing up.

"We took in about 34 animals yesterday when people came in and found strays we tried to make sure we could take those in," said Postiglione. 

Animal Officials are hoping to reunite as many of these pets with their owners as soon as possible.

On their Facebook page, they've posted picture after picture of all the animals that have been taken in post hurricane. But don't worry, if your pet is there, they won't adopt it out.

They will give you time to reunite.

"We just want people to come in here help us out meet a few pets maybe they'll fall in love and want to keep it maybe they just foster it," said Postiglione.

Which is exactly what Tampa resident Lindsay Macinnes did.

"I just felt it was my duty I have to go and do it and least go and help one dog," said Macinnes.

Lindsay is fostering three-year-old Gaia. She is playful and loving.

She has two other dogs at home which she kept separate from Gaia, but eventually, they all bonded.

Lindsay says she plans to keep Gaia for over a week and then find her a permanent home.

"At this point it's my job to find her a family and right now I have two people interested in meeting her," she added. "I recommend fostering if you can if you have the space and a little bit of extra time."

The Pet Resource center is also in desperate need of dog and cat food, treats, blankets, cat litter, and toys.
Any and all donations are welcome.