Near and far, tropics getting busier

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Forecasters now say the next hurricane of the season is probably just a few days away. A tropical wave off the coast of Africa is expected to strengthen as it moves west.

As of 11 a.m., the National Hurricane Center began issuing advisories on what it’s calling Potential Tropical Cyclone Six.  In the short term, the system is just forecast to bring tropical storm conditions to the Cabo Verde Islands, but it will eventually strengthen.

“Environmental conditions are favorable for additional development, and a tropical depression or a tropical storm could form [at] any time today or Friday,” the NHC forecast stated.

Assuming the system becomes a tropical storm, the next name on the list is Florence.

By Sunday morning, the NHC says, the system will reach hurricane strength.  Long-range forecast models suggest a gradual turn to the north out in the Atlantic.

“In all likelihood, this storm stays well out to sea and will have no impact on the United States,” FOX 13 meteorologist Tyler Eliasen blogged. “But we’ll be monitoring its progress closely, regardless.”

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Closer to Florida, forecasters are watching a tropical wave in the northern Caribbean Sea that’s been battling wind shear.  It hasn’t shown much sign of organization, but conditions will become more favorable as it nears Florida.

It probably won’t have a chance to become a tropical system before then, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be a rainmaker.

“As things stand right now, this looks to be a disturbance that will simply enhance daily rainfall coverage across Florida around Labor Day – an outcome that could lead to localized flooding in spots thanks to already soaked soil from recent heavy rains,” Tyler Eliasen added. “Thereafter, it’s possible that a tropical storm could form as this moves away from Florida and heads toward the central Gulf Coast during the middle of next week.”

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