Greek restaurant in Clearwater incorporates family recipes

A Clearwater man is continuing his family's legacy through a Greek restaurant.

Greek City Cafe focuses on healthy Mediterranean options, and is located at 2518 State Road 580. Nicholas Pappas took over the family business from his father, John. 

In 1975, John came to the U.S. from his hometown Tagano, Greece. He only had a couple of dollars in his pocket and knew very little English, but he wanted to make a better living for his family. He quickly learned he loved cooking and incorporated his family recipes that were handed down from generation to generation. 

Greek City Cafe is also deeply involved in the community. The Pappas are a big sponsor and supporter of the Gramatica Family Foundation. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Super Bowl winning kicker, Martin Gramatica, along with his brothers Bill and Santiago, have a charity that builds homes for combat wounded veterans.

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Their big fundraiser is a kickball tournament that's happening Saturday, October 5 at Ed Radice Field in Tampa. For more information on the Gramatica Family Foundation, head over to their website