100-year-old Tom Brady superfan says his future could hold anything

Alice Proctor is one of Tom Brady’s biggest fans, but at age 100, she could also be his oldest fan.

"He’s a great athlete, and those passes that he makes are just like, I see the ball and it’s just like zoom, down the field!" she exclaimed.

The Pasco County resident is a native New Englander, so she’d been a Patriots fan since the 1960s. But when the G.O.A.T. came to Tampa, she was cheering him on as a Buccaneer.

"Well that was terrific!" she said with a laugh. "I remember the first game he was going to play down here and I supposed he wasn’t going to be nervous – but I was nervous for him! Probably because I’m thinking of him as my own son, I have two wonderful sons."

And when she heard the retirement news Tuesday – she thought of his own young children.

"This is the age where it’s wonderful to have daddy around," she commented. "I’ve seen pictures of his children, and I would think he would want to be able to spend a little more time."

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When Proctor turned 100 this past Christmas Eve, she joked her one birthday wish was to get a phone call from the NFL superstar.

"Yes, I… well, yes," she laughed. "Yes, I was.".

At first, she says she’d have been a nervous wreck if he had called, and not know what to say. But when I asked her again, she had an answer.

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"Well I know it’s probably stupid but I’d say, I think you’re wonderful – not only as an athlete, but I just can tell, he’s a great person."

And as for what Brady’s future holds? Her answer is simple.

"Anything!" she said with a smile.